OH My Dear Dear Indians


(The following content are facts and are provided by IPCC, hence just don’t question the following facts, seriously just don’t)

Yes carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Yes if there is a temperature increase greater than 2 degree Celsius in the world most costal cities will drown. Yes India and China are catching up and yes they are emitting Carbon more than before, much much more than before. But ask yourselves this who is to blame for high carbon emissions? Who has the biggest carbon footprint? Does carbon footprint really increase temperature? These are the questions many critics have been blabbering about since years. Let me get some facts straight. You are the ones who have the biggest carbon footprints. A factory owner doesn’t, you have the biggest carbon footprint. You people think you are so innocent. Let me tell you the phone in your hand, the car in your garage, the charger by your side, the leisure activities you do, the food you eat, the electricity you can’t live without, the google and Facebook you can’t survive without, the dress you are wearing all donate to the carbon footprint. A journey in an airplane from Mumbai to Delhi makes more carbon than traveling in a car for a month. Number two the more the nations population is the more will the nations carbon emission be, so before jumping to conclusions that China is causing global warming look at its population. Number three top EU countries and USA import maximum products from China so China carbon emissions of China are transferred into their accounts. Number 4 there is NO PROOF THAT CARBON DIOXIDE OR OTHER GHG’S ARE CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING. Number 5 the top GHG is water vapor with nearly 66-85% contribution on a cloudy day. So 0.1% carbon dioxide will not guarantee an increase in temperature. Number six and most important before man was born there were 4 ice ages so this is the biggest proof that climate can change without interference  of humans. A funny fact is that if the fifth ice age would not have occurred the Russians would never have gone to North America and today USA has the biggest per person carbon emission. Sulphur Hexa Floride does 32600 times more damage than carbon dioxide in 500 years. Hence even if the ratio of these two is 1:32600 the damage will be the same.Now my main message!You are the one you emits carbon, you are the one who wants wooden flooring/furniture, you are the one who doesn’t plant trees, you are the one who votes for Modi ji you are the one who complains about deforestation, you are the one who criticizes modi ji, and you are the one who didn’t know most of these facts but still takes out time from the precious life nature gave you to complain about high carbon emissions and global warming.  So unless you are a vegetarian who lives in the jungle and lives like the first human ever, you are blaming yourselves. God bless the hypocritical Indians out there, god bless them with a wider vision.I beg you to plant a tree because it is a fact that trees cool down areas, I beg you to spread awareness instead of rumors about carbon dioxide because it is a fact awareness has never harmed the world, I beg you stop being a hypocrite and start being a person.

( Two beautiful graphs, which will definitely force you to think bigger next time.)

.Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.45.23 AMScreen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.45.12 AM


  1. Neeraj Goel · December 6, 2015



  2. Harish bansal · December 6, 2015

    Nature is its own preserver.We human can do as much damage as we like nature will always find a way to solve the problem.It is like our bodies which has adjusted to all kind of changes.Has the world not rediscovered itself so many times.This does not mean that we do not work to control our emission .Did creation of coal oil and gas not create emissions at some time in history.The only thing that can really harm the world is an astride of huge size as has happened before.

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