In 1880 our well wishing British found something stunning hidden in Indian ground. While their entire system was based on discrimination and inferiority it came to a saddening surprise to them that we Indians had created some thing so marvelous 5000 years ago which they would never have dreamt of back then. When they found the Indus valley they were dumbfounded. Our ancestors were able to build a society where everyone was well fed. A society where there was no discrimination. A society with toys, games and no weapons, no punishments, no war. It was society where everyone was peaceful. A society where every everyone loved each other and most importantly a society where everyone used a western toilet. Let me tell you the story of western toilets (the ones with a seat). It was made by us. The idea was taken to the Europe. The idea came back with the foreigners. Seriously if you don’t learn anything from this blog post do learn this at least. Indians made a comfortable method of excretion and you Indians should be proud of it. Now let’s return to our main topic. The British were so scared of this discovery that they decided to hide it from us. As obvious as it may seem in a system of inferiority when the dominated realizes that he or she is more supreme than the dominator there is indisputably a scope for revolt. I realized the British were scared because they stopped excavation. It was only in 1912 when the reality bloomed out. We Indians were the smartest from the beginning. We conquered the world but our world was our body. I have a great story to explain Indian mindset back then. So Alexander came to India and saw a naked man meditating. He started laughing. The naked man started laughing too. Alexander said why are you laughing? The naked man said why are you laughing? The great Alexander said who are you? The naked man said who are you? Alexander said I am the conqueror of the world. The naked man said I am the conqueror of the world too but for me my body is my world. Well this story is more symbolic and hardly seems to be true but it does tell one about Indians back then. But let us not get into that.

The point of this blog post is that when one is not prepared then greatest of us lose everything. The Indus valley is a visual representation of our lives. Some argue that the Indus Valley was attacked while some say they died due to lack of water. But in both cases who is to blame? So did the greatest civilization decide not to store water due to overconfidence? Did the greatest civilization decide not to build an army, walls and forts due to the righteousness in their hearts? No one knows the answer to these questions but what we know is that they were not ready for attacks or drought or natural calamities and it was there fault. The unpredictable future caused the vanishing of 5 million people and the disappearance of a 1000 cities. Imagine what a future can do to us. So the main moral is this life is truly unpredictable. Once the world hardly changed in a millennium, now it changes every decade. So just learn when you can because wisdom is survival.

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