Internet of Things

IOT or internet of things, is artificial intelligence in other words. Artificial intelligence is when machines have been taught to an extent that they can communicate with each other and have a conscience. The reason why I am so excited about this blog post is that IOT is here. Have you ever wondered why google would buy a thermostat company for 3.2 billion dollars? Why Modi Ji truly wants Start up, Stand up India? What is a smart city? Why do we need to shift from IPv4 to IPv6? Here are answers to these and many many more questions.


There is a massive change in power consumption when you use your air conditioners at 22 degrees, 20 degrees, 18 degrees and 16 degrees. Imagine if 18 degrees is your air conditioners temperature at night and it rains. It keeps on raining till outside temperature drops to 20 degrees which is quite comfortable. The AC will keep on running and it will keep eating electricity. What would happen if it was connected to the internet? It would get weather updates and it would automatically switch to fan mode. Imagine millions of such AC’s. Your energy crises is solved. The miracles IOT can perform are endless. Grids and power cuts will be history. You won’t have to stand in check out lines after shopping just walk out and the scanners would automatically prepare a bill mail it to you and take money from your account. Your car would hardly see a red traffic light. It would automatically take routes with less traffic and more green lights. Everything will talk to everything.


A proof of the coming of IOT is moving from IPv4 to IPv6. Many may think IPv4 has exhausted hence we are moving to IPv6. IPv4 provided 2 to the power 32 that is 4 billion IP addresses IPv6 provided 2 to the power 128 IP addresses so do you think there are going to be these many phones and laptops connected to the internet at one time.


Google has realized IOT is coming. It has bought NEST for 3.2 billion dollars. Clearly it wants to enter the physical world. But why? Google earns money by selling our information. If you want a proof, then go search for any specific product on amazon using google. Go to Facebook and just spend some time there. After a while you will see ads of that product on Facebook. Google auctions your virtual information and earns billions imagine how much it can earn by selling your physical information. When IOT comes the RFID chips won’t just be installed in big machines it would be in your shoes, clothes, soap bottles, your pet and you!


Some of you must be thinking what about our privacy? When IOT comes believe it or not privacy will not exist. Lot will become mainstream and those who earn out of your data will never delete it. But your information is with google what harm would google do to you right? Wrong, google can affect your health with all that information. Imagine you have been visiting a doctor frequently while you are wearing google slippers or carrying a google phone. When you go to a health insurance company and say I am fit and I jog daily, they will just type in your name and get to know that you have heart problems and you take which pill and visit which doctor. You would have two options, either to pay heavy or to walk out.


It is predicted that when children will be born in 2030, they will be injected with RFID chips as soon as they are born. So have as many children as you want before that.

There are many theories that machines will take over, there would be huge humps of electronic waste, huge environmental problem, people will become IP addresses and machines will guide us but even though many of these theories may turn into a reality I personally believe every coin has two sides.

Pilferage, murders, terrorism will not be possible. Forest fires could be controlled; pollution levels could be managed and countless other things which are impossible to control today can be controlled. So there is no one way to look at this.

Now let’s see whether Modi Ji has anticipated the IOT wave. Fortunately, India is one of the very few countries who have realized that IOT is coming and it can’t be stopped. One of the reasons due to which Modi Ji started Startup India, Standup India was because the biggest companies of the future are going to be a part of IOT and Indians must have an opportunity. Even though the vision of our PM is remarkable it is bound to fail. This policy to give money to entrepreneurs is given in the hands of bureaucrats. They are going to destroy it. Not because they are stupid, well partially but because they are not entrepreneurs. They are going to make sure every entrepreneur who has taken money from them is on a leash but entrepreneurs break chains. That is what Schumpeter meant when he talked about creative destruction. Entrepreneurs make their own systems. You tell me that Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page who all had dull personalities, weird ideas, who all started from a garage and most importantly weren’t sons of chief ministers would get a donation. They would surely not. Today these bureaucrats use Gmail completely unaware of the fact that Larry Page has all rights to read and save their mails. Many of us may think that they are very smart when they use smart phones but no they are dumb, the one who made the phone is smart, the ones who make the apps are smart. Technology is very alluring but stay as away from it as possible because nothing is free.what-darwins-theory-of-evolution-reveals-about-artificial-intelligence-e1341273934114-638x360.png

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