Money is not Real

After getting to know about money, it is, according to me, an undeniable fact that money is the best creation of man which doesn’t exist. It is virtual. See you have to look beyond bitcoin (entire bitcoin value is just 5 billion dollars), you have to look beyond stock market, you have to look beyond materialistic things. You have to look beyond everything money can buy. Then you will understand money is not real.

The central bank is using QE for liquidity. It has printed billions over night. Where did the billions come from, well it is just paper. Central bank forces the banks to give them bonds. In return they give money. The banks give loans at a cheaper interest rate now. People go home happy and purchase more. Such a happy system right? Well it could have been. But the QE was to be dragged for 3 to 4 yeas, after that a little inflation would be observed but that is alright for USA. It is nearly 9 years since USA is using QE and unfortunately it has run out of ammunition. Now the inflation which is about to come will be difficult to reduce. Recession cycle will begin all over again and people will face huge problems. They also have to pay back trillions due to their loans. All of these problems will be based on something which was never real. See the money which was printed was printed out of thin air.

The system of money is completely based on belief. The day people stop believing in money the system will crash. But why would you stop believing in money? Let me explain. Imagine India and China go in a state of war. Imagine that China wins. They disregard rupee as currency. The money you have will be just like the money in monopoly. It will be useless. You see money has no value of its own. If no Indian will be allowed to live in the Indian houses, the houses will also be of no value, if anyone tries to sell anything he would ask for something else like food in return. The barter system is a result of loss of belief in money.

I saw a pictorial representation on how much money there is in the world and after seeing the graph I said, hey Bill Gates is so poor. His entire wealth was a dot on a 100 by 200inch board. I wouldn’t get in the technicalities of why I am about to say what I am about to say because it is really really boring, you don’t want to know what M1, M2, M3, M4, M0 is. You don’t want to know the history of money. You don’t want to understand the stock markets. So I would request all of you to believe in me and read this line carefully. Be happy with what you have and what you have earned with your hard work because if you think money will bring you happiness I am sure you will never ever be happy. The only thing that will count when you die is the memories you have made in your life. They will be much more real than your money. The value of memories has been same since centuries but that of money hasn’t.

The Mystery called China


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.09.25 PM


In 1912, Quo Mentan lead by Sun Yat-Sen and his successor made ROC . Thereby ending imperial China. Sun Yat-Sen is called father of modern China and also of Taiwan (Well he is not the biological father but if he was I would understand why all Chinese look the same). He is the only person who is an accepted father of 2 nations (pretty cool though). It is interesting to note Rabindranath Tagore is the only man who has written national anthem of two countries (naa, not really).


In 1920, 30, 40 KMT and the Communist party were engaged in a civil war. The communists won and on 1st October Mao Zedong made PRC declaring China a communist country and vanishing KMT to Taiwan. The PLA of PRC captured entire Tibet in 1950 and killed millions in the process.


Mao promised his people he will make China the richest country of the world (Yaad rakhna peso se khushiya nhi milti)  but recently Xi Jimping announced that he wants China to be a moderately prosperous country and not a rich country. Mao said what he said because hope was necessary, Xi Jimping said what he said because reality is necessary.



Xi who must be obeyed is the perfect description of President Xi Jimping. He has without doubt rapidly consolidated power in his hands. He is now called the core leader so a personality cult is developing. He has launched many ambitious schemes like OBOR. Since he has risen to power dissidents have been forced to apologize on national T.V. In India the opposite has been observed by many.

Serious problems are being faced by China’s economy under him.

Currently China is facing a slowing economy.

The stock markets are panicky and the communist party is managing the show using foreign exchange reserves. Hence it had gone down from four to three trillion dollars. The world economy is dramatically being affected by this.

As far as OBOR is concerned, it is made up of two main components. The land based silk road economic belt and the ocean going maritime silk route.

It focuses on connecting and cooperation between Eurasian counties. China is projecting its power globally and wants to rapidly increase exports, in other words we are screwed (ek baar phir).


Now that we are done with the jolly news lets see some funny facts. The world’s largest mall – the new South China mall is 95% plus empty. More than 3 crore Chinese live in caves. In certain provinces it is much better to dig caves and live in them. China executes four times the rest of the world. But on a serious note, If you are planning to be a terrorist, gangster or DON then do shift to Europe. It is not allowed to give death penalties there. So if any wanted person by another country is found in Europe then the country has to give it in writing that it will not execute the person.


A sociopolitical ideology declares that the state is the owner of all resources. It aims at the creation of an egalitarian society and requires a single party control, supported by the military. This is the reason Mao Zedong said PLA is not the army of China or people, it is the army of the party. Till the day army is loyal to the party, the party will remain.


But wouldn’t it be great to have your own army. You could eat free whenever you want to , go out whenever you want to and your parents wouldn’t say anything! You could kill people for touching your hair (life would be so perfect).

Okay back on the serious note, there have been 3 big movements in China. I call them 3 mistakes of China’s life made by men stupider than Chetan Bhagat.


  • The mighty Land reforms- As long as you are a person who wakes up, drinks tea, read the newspaper and then takes an AK- 47 and starts killing everyone, it is going to be very normal for you. In 1949 my man Mao thought, hey let us take all the land out there and give it to the poor guys. So he sent his personal army and snatched all the land from the landlords. When the landlords didn’t agree they shot them. More than 20 lakh landlords were shot dead. This is the biggest proof that communism is inspired by Bollywood.
  • Great leap forward, again by my man Mao. It was a large scale agricultural, social and industrial program which failed miserably.
  • Cultural reforms or in the words of Bollywood, “Lagge raho Mao.” For my man Mao culture meant killing. He asked all students to kill all his opponents. If it wasn’t for the cultural reforms China would definitely be democratic.


To rejuvenate stalled economy, Deng unleashed massive capital, industrial and agricultural reforms. So a line about my man Deng (To be honest that is a pretty dope name). Deng looked like nemo but was like NaMo. He had a great vision. He said land can only be leased in China in other words land of communes. As long as we are talking about land let me give you some friendly advice, when you are buying a house make sure the house is only sold to you. In India the same land is sold to five different people at the same time. You wouldn’t believe the number of cases pending in my own city Indore. But that is not our topic. What you guys are interested in is how my man Deng screw up China. Here it is.

One day 5000 children decided they want democracy. So they went to Tiananmen square in Beijing and started a peaceful protest. Deng, again a big fan of Bollywood said crush them. And the army actually did. They took their tanks and crushed all of the 5000. This blog post is getting really long so let us end it with a happy fact. The leader Zhao Ziang spoke in favor of the children and was jailed till death. BTW if any leader of China is viewing this blog I would just say, “No hard feelings bro but constipation ka gussa aam logo pe nikalna band karo.”





Nothing is Real and Everything isn’t!


Since I was four I have been reading college level books on Universe, time, space, physics, hundreds of theories and equations which I didn’t understand but now that I do I say, boldly, nothing is real and everything isn’t!


A very mind twisting statement? Well I believe the place you type the code for a program is real but the program isn’t. Imagine you being part of a program, it is like a dream. You don’t know the beginning. You know your father and mother made you. You know their parents made them. Their parents made them. It goes on and on and on. Then comes evolution. Then comes the first creature of our planet. Then comes formation of Earth. Then comes formation of our galaxy. Then if we skip many steps comes the big bang.


But what was there before the big bang? Was there another universe which collapsed? If there was another universe what made that universe? Was it another big bang?


Some say there was another Universe, a black hole made this one. Some believe in the multiverse theory. I believe that no one has the answer to my question, how did it all begin?


So the other group of smart people, religious people say, GOD did it. I asked religion who is god. Religion answered god is in everyone. Now this got my motor running. Physics is a never ending. You solve a puzzle next comes up. Religion on the contrary unknowingly has given me an idea that the smartest man on the planet couldn’t have guessed a hundred years ago. The reason is computers weren’t present a hundred years ago.


Now finally let me tell you what idea religion gave me. Every one of us is god. We all have one thing in common. We can create. We can code. We can program! I believe nothing is real. What we touch, feel, smell, taste, see all are just reactions in our brain which also happen in a dream. It is when you wake up you realize that it was not real. But how can you guarantee that this world is real. Well here certain laws are followed. Here you can’t control anything. Here there is individuality. I will tell you what this is. This is a code. Just like Grand Theft Auto –  People follow the laws of physics, people use technology, people do everything we do except creation. For creation Artificial Intelligence is required. SO HOW TO GET CREATIVITY in a program like GTA?


Place real minds in a fake world.


Well it is possible in 2016 to use your brain to operate machines. Imagine your conscience is working on a machine and that machine is a human? What if the first thing the conscience experiences is the machine, it will believe the machine is real.


After a point in our world poverty will reach great heights. So will terrorism, crimes, etc. This all will happen due to a population crisis. We would reach a point when we will be able to transfer or save consciousness of a person. Rich people would never want to die so they will fund such programs. After a while out of the billions of people living on the planet one would have an idea to code a replica of this world and place all humans there. The humans who are extremely well behaved or those who do very good things for the society will get to live in the real world and the rest will get a rebirth as other creatures until they get a chance to be human again. This would solve the population crisis, etc.


Now summarizing everything.

  1. I believe this universe or multiverse is not real, it is code.
  2. All laws of physics, chemistry and math are codes which have been observed and deciphered by the smartest among us.
  3. Those laws are real for this world but may or may not be for the real Universe.
  4. There is a huge possibility if the Real Universe exists, the laws there are different. For example, time is a dimension. Maybe the way height is directly proportional to energy here, time is directly proportional to energy there and maybe that is how the universe was made there.
  5. Humans or Human like beings would have been formed there.
  6. There is a huge possibility that they could use 100% of their brains in which case creating an artificial world like the one we live in would be easy for a newborn there.
  7. God is the creator. The creator is God. Every programmer involved in programming a big software is a God. Maybe without knowing we are helping the program hence we are all Gods.
  8. Maybe they made this world so that the best of us could live in the real world.
  9. Maybe the laws of this world were made in such a way that we would would be able to decode many of them in fact to such an extent that we would feel this world is real.
  10. Maybe they limited the percentage of brain we could use so that we would be so busy disproving everything I wrote in this blog and living a selfish life, that their program would be perfect.