Nothing is Real and Everything isn’t!


Since I was four I have been reading college level books on Universe, time, space, physics, hundreds of theories and equations which I didn’t understand but now that I do I say, boldly, nothing is real and everything isn’t!


A very mind twisting statement? Well I believe the place you type the code for a program is real but the program isn’t. Imagine you being part of a program, it is like a dream. You don’t know the beginning. You know your father and mother made you. You know their parents made them. Their parents made them. It goes on and on and on. Then comes evolution. Then comes the first creature of our planet. Then comes formation of Earth. Then comes formation of our galaxy. Then if we skip many steps comes the big bang.


But what was there before the big bang? Was there another universe which collapsed? If there was another universe what made that universe? Was it another big bang?


Some say there was another Universe, a black hole made this one. Some believe in the multiverse theory. I believe that no one has the answer to my question, how did it all begin?


So the other group of smart people, religious people say, GOD did it. I asked religion who is god. Religion answered god is in everyone. Now this got my motor running. Physics is a never ending. You solve a puzzle next comes up. Religion on the contrary unknowingly has given me an idea that the smartest man on the planet couldn’t have guessed a hundred years ago. The reason is computers weren’t present a hundred years ago.


Now finally let me tell you what idea religion gave me. Every one of us is god. We all have one thing in common. We can create. We can code. We can program! I believe nothing is real. What we touch, feel, smell, taste, see all are just reactions in our brain which also happen in a dream. It is when you wake up you realize that it was not real. But how can you guarantee that this world is real. Well here certain laws are followed. Here you can’t control anything. Here there is individuality. I will tell you what this is. This is a code. Just like Grand Theft Auto –  People follow the laws of physics, people use technology, people do everything we do except creation. For creation Artificial Intelligence is required. SO HOW TO GET CREATIVITY in a program like GTA?


Place real minds in a fake world.


Well it is possible in 2016 to use your brain to operate machines. Imagine your conscience is working on a machine and that machine is a human? What if the first thing the conscience experiences is the machine, it will believe the machine is real.


After a point in our world poverty will reach great heights. So will terrorism, crimes, etc. This all will happen due to a population crisis. We would reach a point when we will be able to transfer or save consciousness of a person. Rich people would never want to die so they will fund such programs. After a while out of the billions of people living on the planet one would have an idea to code a replica of this world and place all humans there. The humans who are extremely well behaved or those who do very good things for the society will get to live in the real world and the rest will get a rebirth as other creatures until they get a chance to be human again. This would solve the population crisis, etc.


Now summarizing everything.

  1. I believe this universe or multiverse is not real, it is code.
  2. All laws of physics, chemistry and math are codes which have been observed and deciphered by the smartest among us.
  3. Those laws are real for this world but may or may not be for the real Universe.
  4. There is a huge possibility if the Real Universe exists, the laws there are different. For example, time is a dimension. Maybe the way height is directly proportional to energy here, time is directly proportional to energy there and maybe that is how the universe was made there.
  5. Humans or Human like beings would have been formed there.
  6. There is a huge possibility that they could use 100% of their brains in which case creating an artificial world like the one we live in would be easy for a newborn there.
  7. God is the creator. The creator is God. Every programmer involved in programming a big software is a God. Maybe without knowing we are helping the program hence we are all Gods.
  8. Maybe they made this world so that the best of us could live in the real world.
  9. Maybe the laws of this world were made in such a way that we would would be able to decode many of them in fact to such an extent that we would feel this world is real.
  10. Maybe they limited the percentage of brain we could use so that we would be so busy disproving everything I wrote in this blog and living a selfish life, that their program would be perfect.


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