Money is not Real

After getting to know about money, it is, according to me, an undeniable fact that money is the best creation of man which doesn’t exist. It is virtual. See you have to look beyond bitcoin (entire bitcoin value is just 5 billion dollars), you have to look beyond stock market, you have to look beyond materialistic things. You have to look beyond everything money can buy. Then you will understand money is not real.

The central bank is using QE for liquidity. It has printed billions over night. Where did the billions come from, well it is just paper. Central bank forces the banks to give them bonds. In return they give money. The banks give loans at a cheaper interest rate now. People go home happy and purchase more. Such a happy system right? Well it could have been. But the QE was to be dragged for 3 to 4 yeas, after that a little inflation would be observed but that is alright for USA. It is nearly 9 years since USA is using QE and unfortunately it has run out of ammunition. Now the inflation which is about to come will be difficult to reduce. Recession cycle will begin all over again and people will face huge problems. They also have to pay back trillions due to their loans. All of these problems will be based on something which was never real. See the money which was printed was printed out of thin air.

The system of money is completely based on belief. The day people stop believing in money the system will crash. But why would you stop believing in money? Let me explain. Imagine India and China go in a state of war. Imagine that China wins. They disregard rupee as currency. The money you have will be just like the money in monopoly. It will be useless. You see money has no value of its own. If no Indian will be allowed to live in the Indian houses, the houses will also be of no value, if anyone tries to sell anything he would ask for something else like food in return. The barter system is a result of loss of belief in money.

I saw a pictorial representation on how much money there is in the world and after seeing the graph I said, hey Bill Gates is so poor. His entire wealth was a dot on a 100 by 200inch board. I wouldn’t get in the technicalities of why I am about to say what I am about to say because it is really really boring, you don’t want to know what M1, M2, M3, M4, M0 is. You don’t want to know the history of money. You don’t want to understand the stock markets. So I would request all of you to believe in me and read this line carefully. Be happy with what you have and what you have earned with your hard work because if you think money will bring you happiness I am sure you will never ever be happy. The only thing that will count when you die is the memories you have made in your life. They will be much more real than your money. The value of memories has been same since centuries but that of money hasn’t.

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