Preparing for Tomorrow

The biggest problem today is preparing for tomorrow. Usually, students think that the future won’t be much different from the present. They think the only thing which is about to change is the amount of technology available to them and the phone they have in their hands. I can boldly predict the world which is coming will be so different from the world of today that if you use the methods going on for centauries now, you will only end up frustrated.


Why do I think that the worlds of tomorrow will be so different? The answer is kondratiev waves. Kondratiev was a very famous economist in his time. But everyone thought his theory would never become a reality. In economics, Kondratiev waves are supposed cycle-like phenomena in the modern world economy. Kondratiev predicted the massive tsunami’s which were about to change the world forever. According to him a wave is formed every fifty years. Only a fool would argue that these waves have not changed our lifestyles and hence the world.



The first major wave was of steam engine and cotton industry. This wave was followed by railway and steel, electrical engineering and chemistry, petrochemicals and automobiles and finally information technology. These waves have not changed the rules of the game of careers but the game itself. Those who think that there are only four to five jobs available I must tell you, you can not be more wrong than you are today. I will tell you more about this later in the blog.


Earlier education was very similar to what it is today. What is different is that globalization is a reality now. If you ask your parents, they will tell you it was just a dream when they were growing up. They could have never guessed that it would happen so fast. Globalization has revolutionized the easiness to develop the knowledge you have gained from education. If you exploit the internet in a positive way you will stand out. Today parents prefer their children being away from the internet. I completely understand that internet can be unsafe but internet can make a child extraordinary. When exposed to the trillions of yotabytes of information available out there a child looks beyond engineering and discovers his or her true interest. It can help the child find the one skill he or she has in which he can actually start an enterprise of his or her own. Therefore, becoming an employer rather than an employee.



Today the problem with young generation is that they are unemployed. But the bigger problem is that they are unemployable. Out of 100 engineers only 10 are employable. You live in a country with a population of 1.3 billion. The country with the third highest population is roughly 0.3 billion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.27.31 PM





You are supposed to compete with people who have worked and learnt every chance they have got. You are supposed to compete with Olympiad toppers. Hence if one wants to become a doctor or engineer he should at least become employable.



Children get so scared of all this that they stop working on themselves. The best way to stop working on yourself is by listening to what your friends think. The better a person can convince you to waste time the better friends he or she is. This may not be the case every time. I have seen friends helping each other grow as individuals but it is generally true.


You can become an entrepreneur, petroleum engineer, sportsman, politician, painter, artist, actor, director, photographer, inventor, data analyzer, teacher, or any of the other 11,749 things. But you must have one quality. The quality of presentation. You must follow three R’s which are reading, writing and arithmetic. If you think data interpretation and basic math will not be important in your life you are wrong. Let me explain using an example. Imagine you become an employable doctor and are employed in a good hospital. Hospitals come out with papers which tell about the entire hospital chain and all the discoveries and groundbreaking research they have done. If you have mastered the three R’s you can be in charge of the entire paper. You will stand out!


There is no right or wrong way to be prepared for the future in this world. But there are people who hardly work, who are highly lethargic, who believe their parents contacts and money will make them successful. These are the people who will never achieve their goals if they keep going on the path they are standing on today. If you want to test if you are one of these people ask yourself if you are working hard enough. If you think you are then you are without doubt one of these people. On the other hand there are people who work hard, connect the dots, are energetic, who read everyday, who write what they read everyday, who learn every chance they get, who look at things differently and who are prepared for the future and I believe this path is the only path which will make sure they live their dreams and achieve there goals.




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  1. Neeraj goel · March 21, 2016

    Excellent Nakul. Every word speaks a lot


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