Mankind and the Universe


Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.22.32 PMEarth was formed 5 billion years ago, it cooled down and life emerged on it 4 billion years ago. In a billion years’ blue – green algae proliferated. Due to photosynthesis a lot of oxygen was produced and nearly a billion years after the algae was formed oxygen became one of the dominant gases of our planet. Two billion years ago Eukaryotic cells came into existence and one billion years ago sponges, jellyfish and other simple organisms like flat worm inhabited earth. The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation was the relatively short evolutionary event, beginning around 542 million years ago in the Cambrian period, during which most major animal phyla appeared, as indicated by the fossil record. 0.006 billion years ago the first human Lucy appeared on Earth and 0.0002 billion years ago the modern human appeared on Earth. Even after knowing this we humans call ourselves the owners of Earth. If I use the common WhatsApp language to convey my emotions to this extreme ridiculousness of humans I would just say LOL.


The equation of life is => water (solvent) + {carbon + mixture} + right temperature = possible life. An interesting fact is that C-H-N-O-P-S can make all the biological structures possible. Hence I believe this equation is more or less correct.


Now enough of these stupid mortal talks! Let us think big. Before I tell you what the mediocrity principle is let us understand how big the observable universe is. Imagine yourself on Earth. You are nothing more than a dot when you are compared to the Earth. The Earth is nothing more than a dot when compared to the solar system. The solar system is nothing more than a dot when compared to the solar interstellar neighborhood. The solar interstellar neighborhood is nothing more than a dot when compared to the milky way galaxy. The milky way galaxy is nothing more than a dot when compared to the local galactic group. The local galactic group is nothing more than a dot when compared to the Virgo super cluster.  The Virgo super cluster is nothing more than a dot when compared to the local super cluster. The local super cluster is not even a dot when compared to the observable universe. So basically you are a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot within a dot. Wow I am a little woozy.


The mediocrity principle is the reason governments started investing money for space exploration. It says that if the universe is so vast that there are 100 octillion or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe which is  1 followed by 29 zeroes, then why should we think that life is just on Earth. If life is on Earth, then it surely exists elsewhere. When Frank Drake was asked “ Sir, what is the chance we will meet ET?” He said, “ N = R*. fp. ne. fl. fi. fc. L ” Then he explained


N = The number of civilizations present in our galaxy capable of using radio technology.

R*= Rate of star formation

fp = Stars with planets

ne = Number of planets capable of supporting life

fl = Planets with life

fi = Intelligent life

fc = Civilizations willing to communicate

L = For how long signals have been sent

Let that sink in. Those who understood this equation realize how valuable life is.


So what are we doing to find terrestrial life?

Well all intelligent organisms communicate in some way or other. These ways of communication are called languages. There are over 6512 languages on Earth so how can we say that the other intelligent beings communicate using English. So scientists thought about it and concluded that there is only one universal language and that is love. LOL, don’t take that seriously.


There is only one universal language and that is math. Only an intelligent being can make a series of prime numbers and send it out in space. Sequences like 31, 33, 37 can not be made by nature. So if any being has basic knowledge of math it can send out a radio signal of a prime number sequence. SETI has hundreds of telescopes across the planet which look for such signals. You can download a program from SETI’s website and your computer will become a part of the millions of SETI’s computers which are looking for patterns in the data.


But one day Enrico Ferni asked a very innocent question, “Where is everybody?” The answer is Fermi Paradox. It says intelligent ET life may self destroy itself just the way humans are going to by making nuclear weapons. The other reason may be that interstellar travel may be too long. If an object is faster than speed of light, then Einstein’s special theory of relativity dictates that you would become slower and things around you will move faster. This means that if some alien leaves for Earth today and reaches Earth in 20 seconds of his time, then the chances that it will meet humans is very small.

Here is a video explaining the Fermi Paradox (click Fermi Paradox for the video). BTW, it is the best animated video I have ever seen.


Here are the solutions for Fermi paradox – Fermi Paradox II


Some of you might wonder that why are we investing hundreds of billions in space exploration?


There are many diplomatic answers available out there on google but the reason I and many scientists believe space exploration is a necessity is due to what Stephen hawking said in 1995. According to him the human race is just a chemical scum on a small planet orbiting a small star in one of the billions of the galaxies and is most likely to kill itself and the other eight million seven hundred thousand species out there in the wild. The only way the human species will survive is by making colonies on various moons and planets in the milky way galaxy where it will be away from the dangers of not only nuclear weapons but nuclear men who can explode any time.


There are many mysteries out there like can we bend space and time, what is dark energy, what is dark matter, the process of star formation, is our solar system the odd one out, etc. But science has given us answers and it will give us answers in the future. I just have one request from all those who are reading this blog today, no matter what your dream and goals are, no matter what your age is, do not let your curiosity for science go down. Science is the only thing which make sense in this universe if not the multiverse, amen!

Look at this picture carefully. It is the observable universe. Just stare at it for 15 seconds.observable universe.jpg

Now tell me what can money buy. Think about your goals, think about religion, think about what you want to do in life. Just think!

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  1. Naveen choubey · March 27, 2016

    An enormous n accurate way to learn dot n all congrats will go ahead. All blessings to flourish.


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