So many Misconceptions

(If you don’t like anything written in this blog, well then, keep it to yourself.)


Some say the Vedas and Upanishads came 5000 years ago and some say Hinduism is on this planet since 10,000 years. So even if we take the average of this, Hinduism is at least 7,500 years old.  So the challenge for me today is to condense 10,000 years of evolution of a religion in a small blog post. (don’t get your hopes up, this is not going to be small). It is very very large challenge. But the heart wants what it wants (Thank you Selena Gomez for this awesome, absolutely original line)


When the Europeans’ arrived in India for the first time, they were shocked. They were shocked because the thoughts of religion they had in Europe and India was worlds apart. They were very confused and we should not blame them as hardly some of us know what Hinduism is really about ( lol ). So when a person doesn’t understand something he does a simple thing, he makes fun of the other person. This is what they did and this is what we do. But slowly and steadily as they understood the depth of the religion they realized what a treasure it is.


So even before we begin deconstructing Hinduism, let me tell you what a normal modern day Hindu would answer when I ask him, what is Hinduism? Today there are 100 crore Hindu’s. A little more. One was just born. One more. One more. Don’t worry Christians and Muslims are also being born. Hinduism is the third largest religion. So anyway, even if make a group of 100 normal modern day Hindus and ask them what is Hinduism, they all will give me different answers. That is Hinduism. It is different for every person and different for every Hindu himself. But is there a central philosophy around which this religion is built on? We will try to understand this today.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.58.02 PMThere is a Brahman, all pervading energy. It is pure consciousness. It is everything! It is the beginning; it is the end. It never came, it never went, it was there always, it will be there always. There is an Aatma. It is the piece that comes out of the Brahman. It enters the Maya which is prakrati or nature. When the Aatma enters Maya, it is surrounded by a physical body. Now the Aatman or Aatma reveilles itself through consciousness or chetna. The chetna interacts with the body and the body interacts with the Maya. The body interacts with the Maya by three ways and by each way, karma is produced. If you think well, do well, positive karma will be generated and if you don’t negative karma will be generated.  Just like Mark Zuckerberg’s servers are noting everything like when did you login, what did you do, when did you do what you did, who did you talk to, what did you talk about, what did you like, what did you like and then unlike. They note everything. Just like that everything is being noted in cosmic registers. Every karma is noticed and balance is made. (Some of you Hindus must have become very upset while reading the last line, don’t worry you will become a good person by the end of this blog.) So every thing you do is noted, a balance is made and when you die, your karma chooses your next birth.

karmaThere are six categories. Aquatic, plants, insects, birds, animals and humans. Only a human has the gift of free will and only he can set things right. If a human generates a negative karma balance, his aatma will only go down and once the aatma goes down it takes hundreds of thousands of births and deaths to nullify the negative karma and then the aatma becomes human again. This cycle goes on and on and on and on and on and on. But in the middle, a human body is given to the aatma. If the human generates a positive karma, which is almost impossible without a guru or teacher because he will teach you that you are stuck in the natures cycle or maya cycle or maya chakra. When you realize you are stuck, you do everything possible to generate a positive karma to cut the maya chakra and reunite with the Brahman and fulfill the destiny of its human birth. If it does not realize it is stuck, then the endless cycle of life and death and life and death and life and death will go on.  Parallel to this the universe itself is getting created, nurtured and destroyed. Now this is a huge thought. This was proven by scientists in the 21st centuary but the founder of Hinduism said it 10,000 years ago. This got me thinking about the validity of Hinduism. BIg-Bounce

Now you must be thinking, where the freaking hell did god come from? The founder of Hinduism knew it would be very difficult for a normal human to understand complex ideas like Aatma, Brahman, kalyug, maya chakra, etc. So how can humans who in the twenty first century have difficulties understanding basic concepts like trigonometry understand such ideas. There are three ways. First way is that you understand Brahman and then you do not need symbols like gods to understand all the other things. But Brahman is formless hence it is difficult to understand. It is like sunlight, you can not see it, you can only see its effect. So the second way is that make a imaginary version of Brahma and keep it in your heart and mind, this is antaryaami or inner god. So in the second way too, there is no need to focus on tangible objects. But it is difficult. Our heart and mind are occupied by McDonalds, pepsi, boy friends and girl friends, smartphones. On the top of all this we have cholesterol. How will the poor inner god or antaryaami stay in your heart.

So is there a third way? Keep a pot of water on the ground and see the sun in it. There is only one sun so think that it is Brahman. If you do not want to do that, make a god of your choice, no problem. You assign roles to your gods no problem. Hinduism gives this freedom and it is the only religion which gives this freedom. Hinduism says you want to make fun of god, make fun of him, no problem. No religion gives this freedom. This freedom is given to you because Hinduism knows that you are making fun of sun and not its light. How can you make fun of something which you can’t see. There are six gods at top, there are many under them and many many under them. That is why there are millions of gods. Hinduism allows you to make gods because you are solving a problem. You are visualizing something no one can see. When people across the planet look at Hinduism they see a god with a trunk called Ganesh and they start laughing. They see a naked man with a snake on his neck. They see a man lying on a snake with a flower coming out of his stomach. They see it and laugh and ask the Hindu’s are these your gods? A true Hindu would reply that these are not gods these are my weaknesses. So Hinduism is a very complex topic and to understand it we must have a truly open heart.

1563488     Hinduism said everything is just energy. I can bet that when you read core concepts of Hinduism you must have thought it is nonsensical as there is no proof. Now tell me have you ever heard of the equation E=MC square. Immediately our view on Hinduism changes. Hinduism says satyug, kalyug, what is a million years for us is just a second for the brahma, this is exactly what Einstein said in his twin paradox. If two twins are on Earth and one kid leaves earth and travels for 10 years at the speed of light, when he will come back he would be ten years old but his brother would have been dead for a thousand years.img142

Hinduism said the Brahman can neither be created nor be destroyed it has always been there and will always be there. Physics says energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

The infinite has already always existed and from that infinite an infinite can be taken out and the original infinite will remain infinite. This infinite is Brahma. This is what math says.


Parallel to maya chakra, the universe is made and destroyed. So one may ask when did it start and when will it end. Hinduism says it never started as it was always there and it will never end. This is what science says. Big bang is followed by big crunch then big bang then big crunch then big bang then big crunch then big bang then big crunch then big bang then big crunch then big bang then big crunch………….

And science says that there maybe infinite parallel universes. This is exactly what was said in Hinduism 10,000 years ago.parallel-universe-reality

I have my own theory. I think Hinduism and matrix are similar. (Matrix is the programmed world people can live in) It will be possible in few years to upload your conscience to a computer and if we can do that then the real humans can do it easily. By making a matrix the real humans can check all our activities, observe us and therefore maintain a cosmic register. The conscience which does well as a human in the matrix can live in the real world. This makes the real world a very safe place and therefore a perfect society. If anyone commits a crime in the real world, he or she is sent back in the matrix. Maybe the idea of Hinduism was brought in the world so that people start their journey back to the real world without knowing it.maxresdefault

It is sad that people depend on their 5 mortal senses and think they know everything. Once Arjun and Krishna were discussing the same thing you and I are. (Arjun played a key role in the bhagwat geeta and was one of the 5 pandav brothers, Krishna was and is considered a god in human form) Arjun was yokel and was not ready to believe that there is a universe so vast and that there is aatma and Brahma and maya chakra. Krishna tried for a long time but Arjun couldn’t think beyond his senses. One day Krishna showed him the universe, the truth and Arjun, then, surrendered.  Swami Vivekanand asked his guru everyday, where is god? After months of asking, he was shown the same thing and he too surrendered.

When I got to know all of this I was as shocked as you might me right now. As we humans hardly think beyond money and materialism, we do not realise that there might be a greater reality out there. Everything said by Hinduism 10,000 years ago is being said by science today. So food for thought, is reality more than what meets the eye?


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