Goals are Funny

Before you read any further, this is not a very informative blog, in other words it is not the kind of blog I usually write, so skip it if you not into the moral stuff.

A great friend of mine adviced me a few months ago -when i just began blogging- that i should write about general topics, something that everyone can relate to. Her name starts with S by the way. So i said no one wants to read all this and anyway there are millions of articles outthere about all this moral stuff, but anyway i love this friend a lot and if i am free why not do it. So, the story about to come may be true may not be but the human mind gets bored at times and wants to write stupid crap so,

Imagine you are in an airplane. You are sitting on a window seat and have nothing to do. You stare at the clouds for a while and get a little creative. You look at different clouds and observe that all of them look like something. One of them looks like god himself. A man meditating is what god looks like to me. A voice in your head says ask for any three things you want and i ,god, will give them to you. You will get three wishes every three months and if you work for just a bit for them, i will give them to you. The only condition is that they should be wishes you can complete without me.
So i giggled a bit and said alright, i want either a 9.8 or 10 on 10 CGPA, I want to get into mit launch, and i want to be the captain of my schools house. I am a big fan of hollywood and so i know nothing is free. I asked him what does he want in return. He said i dont want that you worship me, but i want you to forgive me for every bad thing that has ever happened to you. Well my childhood was not all cute. But i wont get into that, lets just say it could have been way worse but it could have been a hell of a lot better. I asked what would happen if i forgive you, he said thats the only thing that makes me happy, to have one less hater and anyway after a while heaven is boring. Anyway, 3 months are up. Today results were out, got a 9.8, i am the captain of my house and i am reaching mit in 11 days.

These three things are all i dreamed of, all my life. Well i was a kid all my life, i am just 15 as of today, so my goals were small but all of them happening was and still is a big goal. Even though i have it all, it is true that i am still not happy. I watch people around me, they are around their loved ones like their girl friends or best friends and they are much happier than me. It gets me thinking what matters in life?

Today i write this blog in a plane, looking at clouds which look like yatchs, baloons, animals and a voice in my head just said, its time for your next three wishes. This time I ask for one simple thing instead of three. Before i tell you wht i wished for i want you to know that if your goal is to get everything you ever dreamed of then you will never be happy because you always dream for more. So what i asked for was hap…..

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