A Game of Perspective

Will Smith said, “I used to be stupid when I was a kid, but there were no social media back then, hence, I was stupid in private.”
Unfortunately, young people like me can no longer be stupid in private. Here is a piece of my stupidity.

Some people become mature sooner than others, at least that is what I have always heard, but no one ever tells you what maturity really means, only a mature person can talk about maturity and what sort of mature person wastes his or her time talking about maturity. I, being as immature as one gets, believe that maturity is the power of controlling your mind. Once you control your mind, you can control your desires and your actions. But the thing is, people feel that only a certain set of desires and actions are of a mature person. So am I really mature when my mind tells me to do what people want me to do, just the way the minds of circus tigers ask their bodies to jump through burning hoops because people like it? Or am I mature when I tell my mind that I will do what makes me happy and there is not a damn thing you can do about it?

There was a time a few months ago when I started being quiet, starting setting my hair right, wearing clothes according to events, stopped laughing, etc. The weird thing is everyone I knew started calling me mature. It was nothing more than a simple experiment; I just wanted to know what it takes to make others think that you are mature. After a couple of weeks of doing all this and speaking only when been asked to, not smiling and laughing at all, a couple of people of all age groups came to me and said that I am very mature. So, by observation, an immature person is mature as long as he remains quiet and says something intelligent once in a while. But I wanted to make sure that my observation was correct. So I slowly became the opposite. I became outspoken, laughed unnecessarily and stopped setting my hair. You know what happened? The same people, who said I was mature, started saying I was immature on my face! It was extraordinary! People say you become more mature as you age, but I became 16 years old this October and people think I am much more immature than I used to be 4 months ago!

Now it is really funny that people will decide if you are mature or not by your ability to set your hair, dress up, be quiet in so called a ‘serious situation’ which is  every situation, including but not limited to breakfast, lunch, dinner, walking from one class to another, sitting in class, standing in a wedding, praying to god. This is just incredibly stupid! If the ‘me’ 4 months ago, would go to a temple and yell, hey dog, wadup, everyone there would say in their minds, if not out loud that I am immature. But if the same me goes to the temple and prays quietly with certain seriousness on my face, people would say this kid is so mature. This just makes no freaking sense!

The moral of this story is that people are stupid. They would judge for the most insignificant things and must not care about that. If you don’t believe me, do this temple/church thing and see the truth once and for all.

There is so much more going in your mind as a teenager, what do you want to be, are your grades good enough, will you ever get into your dream college, are you good looking, are you popular, do you have a single talent, where do you stand in the real world, do you have any skill, the list is endless. Frankly speaking, I know a lot of teenagers who have excellent grades, who stay in shape, who follow their passion, who are the best in whatever they do, and one thing common about all these people is that they don’t care what others think about them. They work hard and let their success speak on their behalf. They do not care about haters, they stay away from people who tell them they can’t be who they want to be, they separate themselves from those who do not work on themselves and that is why they are who they are.

I saw a beautiful image the other day where a jet black pinewood leaf was lying in the middle of thousands of brown leaves and the caption of the picture was, ‘being different can be a beautiful thing’. So do NOT change yourself due to others, but grind every day and be the best version of yourself because, there is nothing wrong in failing your math test as long as you are honestly doing math every day, there is nothing wrong in being fat, as long as you are honestly working out every day, there is nothing wrong in being unpopular as long as you are trying to make new friends every day and the list goes on and on and on. But one question you have to ask is, am I doing enough?

For me, working on myself is maturity, doing what I want to do is maturity, doing what makes me happy is maturity. For me, maturity is a relative term, specially used by fools and fanatics older than you to dominate you when they can’t otherwise. So never let what others think about you, make you sad. Grind hard enough to rise in your own eyes because THAT is beautiful.

(Edited by Kaveri Deshpande)