What if this was the last time I got to be alive?

A lot of times in life we have to do things that suck. It’s important to not forget to enjoy ourselves during those times because the whole point of being alive as a human is to have a good time. A person who can laugh and dance through the hard times, is a true human being because it’s not the human that’s in control, it is the being human part of the human that is.

How did I come to this preposterous conclusion? That the whole point of life is to have a good time provided how much suffering, unfairness, and cruelty there is in this world.



Look at how beautiful a butterfly is. That can not be an accident. I understand evolution happened and there’s a reason the butterfly is so beautiful, it has a reproductive advantage tied to its beauty but, why are the galaxies beautiful then. Why is the night sky so beautiful. Why is the moon at that perfect distance where it doesn’t hide the stars at night, but also blesses me with its beauty. Whoever or whatever made this place loved it. It had to have pure and good intentions. But, today if I ask you or the smartest scientist to make a simulation of the human world, suffering, cruelty, unfairness would be inevitable outcomes of giving the creatures in the universe freedom to do whatever they want. The “want” creates suffering, and the more the “want” the more the suffering.

That’s how I realized human suffering is a human construct.

The ability to desire, to wish for things, has disappointment tied to it. Once you really understand this, the world transforms into a playground.

Every day people get more materialistic, they want more because someone they know has more and this want sabotages their ability to enjoy what they have.

The world is hard enough, why do that to yourself. Too many people are tripping out on making this life horrible, by running downhill thinking they are running uphill and when reality hits them in the face they shatter like a vase dropped to the floor. Racing to the red light, stuck in their own ways, pondering their existence, masking pain with pleasure, crazy about it because they use it as a curtain to hide the ugly truth of the life they have created for themselves.

if I want to have a good time here I can do whatever I want, but if I am doing something I don’t want to do, I. have to do it with no expectations. if I have desires I need to understand every desire will come with an equivalent cost that I will have to pay. if I want to have fun here I am not allowed to be upset about the cost while paying the cost, because I chose the desire, it wasn’t a responsibility put onto me, it is one I put onto myself.

The base responsibility every desire comes with is regularity. If I want something I have to make a plan that gets me closer to the desire and execute on the plan with no expectations of getting closer to the desire. I have to have a lot of fun doing it knowing deep down that sooner or later I will meet the goal, but, I will never expect it tot happen, because I should never want to expect. I have to be happy with everything I have already and that should be a bonus to infinity in my mind. It would make no difference and hence I am not expecting it, I will welcome it when it comes and keep having the fun I was already having.

The ideal life is waking up every day with tremendous excitement for the rest of the day. I do that by thinking, every time I sleep I am dying. I have decided to leave the physical world for a few hours, which is quite literally what is happening when I sleep. When I wake up I think, “whoa, I am back to life. Look at these amazing headphones I can put on my head that connect to my phone wirelessly, and can block out all noise and I can be by myself walking (and I dance more than I walk) around the beautiful physical world listening to my favorite song. Yeah, I have to do a lot of things today but I am excited to do them because they bring me closer and closer to my goals and desires.”

We lose those endorphins that we had when we set those goals up, but, when it is time to execute and those endorphins aren’t there, we don’t want to do anything. it is at that point you have to think, “Hmm life is hard at times, but, the human spirit is a fuel tank that does not run out. it is impossible for the human soul to be quenched out.” The human soul will give whatever you will ask for. But, too many of us ask for the wrong thing by having the wrong mindset. We think oh man, I am so tired right now. Oh man, it’s going to be so cold if I get out of my bed. Oh man, I am going to be tired all day. The human soul in exchange gives you depression and tiredness. It could have given you an equal amount of happiness and joy, but, you ask for the wrong things by thinking about the wrong things. You have to believe that you are truly here to have a great time.

I ask myself sometimes, what if this is the last time I got to be alive. The last time I got to be a human on Earth. Imagine what if there’s only space after this. No chance of feeling happiness or sadness or hungry or full or any emotion. I would never be at peace knowing I wasted my life being upset about it. There is no bigger crime than wasting life finding reasons to be upset about it.

I have had a lot of reasons to be upset in life. I didn’t have a lot of friends when I was growing up, people were mean to me to the extend that I was suicidal several points in my life, I have felt alone more times than I can count, I have been in unfair situations where I have been rejected by organizations and people because I reminded them of a guy they hated, I have been lied to by people I love. I have been through the whole rollercoaster of emotions.

There’s no point being upset about any of this because there are too many great things that happen as well. All life we have lived is the past. We should never look at the past and judge ourselves. Look at the future and think how can I have the best possible day I can have and dance and smile while you’re going through the day. Don’t have any expectations but have a goal of being better than the person you were when you went to sleep the night before. That’s how you’ll enjoy life.