My name is Nakul Goel. I started writing blogs because I saw so many things everyday which have become infinitely complex due to rapid evolution of processes. Be it the commerce or the sciences, things have become so complicated that we do not have time to understand them. That is why in my blogs I try to explain everything that is happening around us everyday.

Other than writing blogs I love to design and am currently running three startups. Here are some screenshots from the Swap, an app designed by me.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.59.42 PM

We meet so many people but how many people do we follow up with? At most we take their email id’s or phone numbers, but we hardly ever text or mail them. With time we forget them. What if you could just scan a qr code and add them on all social medias you want to add them on, at once. You could see their thoughts on twitter, their daily life on snapchat, their pictures on Instagram, fun moments on Facebook, music choices on spotify, etc. Swap makes sure you truly connect.

Other than people you meet everyday, with swap you can follow your favourite stars everywhere and skip the long process of searching them on all social media you want to add them on and make your social media much more interesting. You could follow vine stars, youtube celebrities, movie stars, DJs, cooks, etc. everywhere just by one swap.

Other than the apps design, I also designed its website which you can see below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.57.07 PM

The second startup I have been working on is aiding momentum which is a bridge between NGOs and volunteers. Aiding momentums aim is to simplify the process of volunteering and to do that, I have created a website which shows which projects the NGOs in your city are doing and lets users sign up for them just by filling out a simple form. This gives everyone the power to bring true change in the society. 

The third startup I have been working on is called Edibo. It lets home cooks sell their home made food to locals near their house. The company was started by me and 3 other students at MIT where I was part a entrepreneurship program called MIT launch.

Other than startups I have had two jobs before, both in the education industry. The first one was at a multinational company called UCMAS. UCMAS uses mental arithmetic to give students the power of using their brains to its maximum capacity. By the end of the program the brain is developed to an extent that one can solve question mentally faster than a calculator. I helped students learn this skill and was also the face of the MNC in Spain for three years, where I showed the power of UCMAS to various school principles, at various conferences and to many national television reporters.

My second job was at a company called IKEN Scientifica. It uses plastic parts, motors, sensors and other electronics to teach students basic engineering, physics and phenomenons using real time experimentation. They learn how to make circuits and how all machines around them work. Students can make anything from small wall sensing cars to small cranes with moving arms to telescopes by the end of the program. I taught them physics and how to design and implement designs to make a machine. This is where my love for engineering grew.

In extracurriculars, I have participated in Model United Nation Conferences like the Ivy League MUNC 2015. A model UN is a simulation of the real United Nations where children come as delegates of different countries and put forward their points on various issues. There is an intense debate which goes on for 3 days and in the end all countries form a resolution which is passed by the committee.

I have participated in many mental arithmetic competitions in my childhood. I have had the number one rank in India and number 5 rank worldwide.

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